Job Fairs at UCSD

Edit: Wrote this post a month ago but for some reason I forgot to post it! I recently attended the Winter Job Fair and the Disciplines of Engineering Career Fair (DECaF) held at UCSD where hundreds of companies and prospective employees go to network and hopefully land a job. I went with the same intention … Continue reading Job Fairs at UCSD

Reforming Habits #1

I've decided to create a new category for Miscellaneous things that I want to talk about that I feel like I could find useful in the future. In this series, I will talk about a book I will be rereading to refresh what I learned about forming habits. The book is called The Power of Habit … Continue reading Reforming Habits #1

JavaScript Fundamentals #3

I want to preface this post by saying that these Javascript "Fundamentals" posts really aren't about the fundamentals, but really about the intricacies and under-the-hood principles that make Javascript such a powerful language. Specifically, these are topics that I found interesting that changes my perspective on JavaScript programming and why it is such a cool … Continue reading JavaScript Fundamentals #3