Job Fairs at UCSD

Edit: Wrote this post a month ago but for some reason I forgot to post it! I recently attended the Winter Job Fair and the Disciplines of Engineering Career Fair (DECaF) held at UCSD where hundreds of companies and prospective employees go to network and hopefully land a job. I went with the same intention … Continue reading Job Fairs at UCSD

Internship Post #13

Coming Back to UCSD This summer has definitely been an experience journey for my computer science career. I learned so much about industry processes like scrum and agile processes while taking on many different projects a real software engineer would take. Going back to UCSD, I feel like I have picked up so many good … Continue reading Internship Post #13

Internship Post #6

Communication I cannot express the value of communication in the workplace, especially when working on a continuous-integration, continuous-delivery platform. With that said, there are many modes of communication with my mentors, supervisors and colleagues. We have a scrum meeting everyday to talk about issues, roadblocks and successes as well as opened many modes of communication … Continue reading Internship Post #6