my hobbies

I've been posting a lot about my career in software engineering, but we all know that at the end of the day, our career is not what defines us. What defines us are the actions we do, the people we befriend, the choices we make in our daily lives culminating in our will to survive … Continue reading my hobbies


been watchin a lot of youtube lately

YouTube is such a powerful platform where almost anyone can go for quick forms of entertainment, education and even community. Since the day I started going on YouTube years ago, my profile has grown to fit my interests pretty much perfectly. From the Travel channels, to the cooking channels, to the gaming/news channels and now … Continue reading been watchin a lot of youtube lately

A few more updates!

Hello! So I have a couple of more updates since the last time I posted here ( and a lot to write about. For now, I'll give a few bullet points about some things that have happened. Triton Fall Career Fair in October 2017 SpringOne Conference in December 2017 HackDay 2018 @ TranscendInsights in February … Continue reading A few more updates!


About my job…

It's great. I have never heard of a company, mid-size at best, offer to pay for the chance to go to a conference of my choice. Food, hotel, travel - all paid for. I will be attending the SpringOne Conference in downtown San Francisco in early December. That's like, an extra 3-4k in costs! All … Continue reading About my job…


UCSD Fall Science and Tech CaF!

Hi again! A lot has changed since I've last updated. I found myself in sort of a work routine. Which isn't bad I think. Work's been great. I'm happy. I will be attending a UCSD Career Fair this Wednesday, this time, on the other side of the booth! I have the chance to talk about … Continue reading UCSD Fall Science and Tech CaF!


Got a Job!

Hello! I haven't posted in a while again.. but since I last posted so much has happened in my life for the better, especially career-wise. I want to preface this post with a message to all new graduates coming out of college and looking for the first full time job. Do not worry if you … Continue reading Got a Job!


Job Fairs at UCSD

Edit: Wrote this post a month ago but for some reason I forgot to post it! I recently attended the Winter Job Fair and the Disciplines of Engineering Career Fair (DECaF) held at UCSD where hundreds of companies and prospective employees go to network and hopefully land a job. I went with the same intention … Continue reading Job Fairs at UCSD