So Long, Sabbatical!

I literally just wrote a whole post that just got deleted… I’m a little bit pissed right now, but I’ll just summarize what it said.

I’m super excited to be working for Playstation on July 15, 2019. Super sad that my three-week long sabbatical is coming to an end. I have some regrets (like not traveling to anywhere new) but I will do it on my next vacation after getting accustomed to Playstation. As well as having ideas of writing a golf blog to write about my ideas and solidify them.

Such a cool logo that I grew up with.

The important part was having my goals written down for my Playstation Career:
– Ramp up within three months.
– Get one-on-ones with all my team mates.
– Meet cool people at Playstation.
– Get Playstation swag.
– Learn about the huge Sony building.
– Become a true Software Engineer 2 and learn all the new technologies deeply.

The golf ball I will be playing in Summer 2019 (I’ve been playing the regular Vice Pro golf balls.

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