my hobbies #2

I want to share a short post about my hobbies since I last posted in March about it.

I still play basketball, I still play chess (although less obsessed), I still use reddit and youtube a lot for learning about these hobbies, I don’t play Super Smash Bros melee as much or at all, I don’t really go hiking that much, and I cook casually but I still eat out a bunch more.

I joined a rec league basketball team Division D which isn’t the best division in my league. We ended up 5-5 with 1 forfeit win. I think that is a good ending after starting 1-5 with 5 players each game playing the full 40 minutes. I should be starting another season pretty soon so I’m hoping to make the playoffs with them.

Some hobbies that I’ve added since then:

I have gotten closer to soccer and FIFA. I really enjoy the game and especially more after the World Cup. Right now, my favorite teams are the LA Galaxy and DC United. The LA Galaxy aren’t doing so well in the past month than when I first started following them. It’s a bit upsetting but oh well. Such is life of a sports fan. DC United however, is doing quite well. Although they are sitting out of a playoff spot, they’re getting real close. Hoping to see them in it!

Recently, I made Pho Ga. It tasted much better now after the first couple nights. I believe the taste/chicken broth settled in more and has a much deeper taste. However, I have gotten feedback that it is a bit sweet, so next time, I should either use less rock sugar or add more salt/fish sauce.

I miss my girlfriend.

I moved into a house with Abel and Richard. Playing Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Munchkin, FIFA and just generally hanging out.

Looking forward to the SpringOne Platform conference in Washington DC later this month. I hope to get a write up about that!

Other than that, I hope to start my own product/company and gain that experience of managing my own business/product. I don’t want to keep working for someone forever.


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