been watchin a lot of youtube lately

YouTube is such a powerful platform where almost anyone can go for quick forms of entertainment, education and even community. Since the day I started going on YouTube years ago, my profile has grown to fit my interests pretty much perfectly. From the Travel channels, to the cooking channels, to the gaming/news channels and now the software engineer lifestyle channels.

One of my favorite channels right now that is a must-watch for engineers aspiring to be great at their craft is TechLead.

Patrick Shyu, a Google/YouTube tech lead who produces the videos for this channel, has only recently started creating videos regarding the life of a Silicon Valley software engineer. Watching his videos from his first to his current is a great way to see the life of a software engineer in the top tech companies, and tips on how to get there, which has provided a lot of entertainment, education and awe for me. And you don’t even have to be a software engineer to enjoy his videos. If you even have the slightest interest in making software development your career, this guy will have you craving for more with his soothing music choices, his hilariously creative introductions and his satirical humor on the stereotypes of the software world.

Here are some of my favorite videos of his. Check him out!

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to post comments or criticisms about my content! Hope to share more.


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