A few more updates!


So I have a couple of more updates since the last time I posted here (https://villog.blog/2017/10/09/about-my-job/) and a lot to write about. For now, I’ll give a few bullet points about some things that have happened.

  • Triton Fall Career Fair in October 2017
  • SpringOne Conference in December 2017
  • HackDay 2018 @ TranscendInsights in February 2018

Each of these events were a tremendous boost to my career skills and goals. Remembering back on these three events, I am so grateful for the opportunities my peers have allowed me, and I am proud of the things I have accomplished from setting myself up for success.

I also had my first yearly review, so I have a lot to share about that as well. One big thing that I never knew was so important in this industry:

  • Communication

So with that said, I hope to be able to communicate more (and through this blog) so I’m going to figure out a date every week when it’s best to post (probably Thursdays).


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