About my job…

It’s great.

I have never heard of a company, mid-size at best, offer to pay for the chance to go to a conference of my choice. Food, hotel, travel – all paid for. I will be attending the SpringOne Conference in downtown San Francisco in early December. That’s like, an extra 3-4k in costs! All for me.

I have never thought of a company who would be so willing to pay for me to go to the Bay Area (where our other office location is) to learn from the engineers who built the product I work on and get so much mentorship.

I have never been on a team, where there is only 5 team members, working on a product to support hundreds, even thousands, of customers to reliably deliver orders and results in multiple healthcare systems. I get so much exposure it’s crazy.

I’m learning a lot here, and I am also getting paid to do so.

Transcend Insights should be on your radar of companies to look at working for, especially if you are in the San Diego region.



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