Status Update: December 21, 2016


I haven’t been able to update the blog lately, mainly because I have been playing Maplestory (an MMORPG that is SO addicting).

Anyways, I’m planning on getting back to the blogs again, and since my last blog, I have gotten two interviews from two prestigious companies!

One of the interviews is actually happening tomorrow and it seems like it’ll be mostly behavioral. For that interview, I am planning to answer some typical behavioral questions to get a better feel of myself in a work environment. I will then review my resume and LinkedIn profile as well as the job posting, to see where my skills align with the required skills in the posting. My usual plan of attack is to make sure I highlight past experiences that align closely with the job posting. For example, the job posting highlights usage of Java and RESTful API interfaces. My last internship basically entails this, so I hope to highlight my last internship.

The next interview happens in about 20 days from now. That one will be a 45 minute technical phone interview where I will also be coding online. For that, I will practice more Cracking the Coding Interview, writing down my solutions first, talking about the algorithms and the runtime then coding it on my computer. I feel like this will help me for this type of interview.

I think one of the most important things when interviewing is fully believing in yourself. If you are able to get the interview, then you are worth something to the company. Highlight your accomplishments and be ready to kick ass.

Talk to you soon!


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