Internship Post #13

Coming Back to UCSD

This summer has definitely been an experience journey for my computer science career. I learned so much about industry processes like scrum and agile processes while taking on many different projects a real software engineer would take. Going back to UCSD, I feel like I have picked up so many good habits that I would be able to apply well. Habits like starting on a project early to habits like ways of thinking about how to approach and solve a problem. I learned so much more about Java and object-oriented programming that I wish I knew in my freshman and sophomore years of college when we had to tale those classes.

Other than that, I’m a little worried that I have been spoiled by the power of IDEs. I had never worked with IDEs before, and now I feel like I’m too dependent on it.

I’ve accomplished a lot in my internship. I started as a sort of test engineer where I would create system and integration tests to ensure that any changes made to the code would yield the expected output. After that, I delved into the build process as sort of a devops role and was building scripts and analyzing the build process to make sure that code pushes and releases were good. From there, I moved onto refactoring code and fixing defects – which I believe is very valuable experience since I was given the opportunity to alter the legacy code and even have the chance of fixing bugs. To end my internship, I had to build a few RESTful endpoints on top of their existing backend for future use my employees and clients. The company is constantly moving towards modern technologies and techniques so I feel like I was able to learn a lot from that as well.


Like I said above, I definitely learned a lot about software engineering and am excited for the future it has for me. For now, I hope that I will have been able to share my internship experience with everyone and to guide others in becoming successful in the computer science journeys especially in software engineering.


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