Status Update: August 18, 2016

Looking back at the past and reading on the things that I did a couple years ago feels so nostalgically awesome. Reading on the posts about choices that I had to make four years ago, and how those choices reflect on who I am today make me wonder what I have in store for the future. For that reason of feeling that nostalgia in the future, I have decided to write in my blog again – this time more consistently.

Now from an engineer’s standpoint (holy crap I’m an engineer now, not a student anymore!), I want to be able to create a blog that is sustainable, maintainable and hopefully educational. I will outline what I mean for each in the context of a blog site and what I want out of it.


In order to sustain a blog site, I need to be organized and have a well thought out process for future blog posts. This means dividing different aspects of my career and life in separate areas of the blog so that way I can easily navigate to reading what I want to read instead of a jumbled mess. Within these categories, I will have blog posts that follow the theme of the category and is organized. I’m looking to provide weekly status updates like this one that outlines what I’ve learned in the week and maybe what I’m working on – depending on if I am allowed to or not. Being sustainable leads to being maintainable.


If I follow my preferred method of sustainability, then I will be able to ensure the maintainability of the site without much hassle. This means I would not have to edit and blog posts or move them anywhere else because of the plan I’ve made for them. Hopefully with these two, I would be able to have organized content that is also educational.


Being educational is the top priority I have for this blog post – all the while having a little bit of fun with what I do. I think the most important things besides having good content is to be organized with it.

Besides these, my future goals for this blog site is to educate and have fun. I believe that with my experience so far, I would be able to provide some knowledge to those seeking out the computer science career. Aside from this, I hope to be able to share some life choices even outside of my career that is making who I am today.


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