Internship Post #9

Societal Impact

In doing my work, I hope that it helps make the lives of other people much easier, especially when handling software. More and more people are turning to software to solve their daily problems, and to make that process as seamless and quick as possible would be great to see. Heck, if I were to ever stop encountering software problems, that would be awesome.

In terms of my job, I know that it will affect my colleagues and clients directly, since they are the ones who will be interacting with the products and the code. It is my job to make the understanding of the code and product easy and seamless for the user or coder. In the long run, I hope to be contributing to some sort of standard of engineering to help better society.


Over the last week, I continued to work on the RESTful API using the Katharsis framework on top of the Java language. I really had to dig into the code and learn almost everything about its structure. I had to learn how my team accesses the data stored in SQL servers, which was through a couple of business layers. After getting that data, I had to serialize and deserialize it into objects that could be read into the framework then displayed as JSON objects. So far, I was able to get the GET request for my feature to work, and I will be working on the POST, PATCH and DELETE requests this week.

Some problems I was having was database issues where the database that I was currently linked to had no data associated with the feature I was working on. I had to find a database and test server which would have this data and would allow me to interact with it freely without altering any test cases.

Other than all these technical problems, I felt that I have gotten much closer to my colleagues and have now started running with them. It helps build friendships going through hardships like running.


I learned a lot this week about how Java and certain Java frameworks function which I believe will help me career-wise. I had to do a lot of research on decisions being made in code structure and why some things needed to be done a certain way. I hope that this experience will make me a much stronger coder especially when tackling problems that have to do with web programming.


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