Internship Post #8

Tracking Your Growth

Over the past two months, I’ve definitely grown a lot more and I’m sure that is the same with just about everyone else. I was given problems that I couldn’t solve with the skill sets I had, and was able to learn and conquer them, all while being able to share with my peers. In terms of professional interactions and communication, I definitely feel that my interactions with my coworkers have gotten a lot better, and I even consider them as my friends. That’s something I didn’t expect at the internship, because I thought I was only going to get hired for the work – turns out it could be a lot more fun if you let it be fun.

For the last month of my internship, I will be on two more code sprints which last 3 weeks each (which I heard might be more than usual which I think is two weeks? I wonder what the difference is between 3 week code sprints vs 2 week code sprints). In these last two code sprints I want to buckle down and exceed expectations I had earlier, learning as many things as possible all while finishing them. I have my peers on my side to help me and I feel like I can make this last month worth it.


Unfortunately, I had to take last week off due to a sickness so I fell behind in some important work. During the previous week, I was assigned a couple bugs as well as refactoring tasks where I could only finish one of the bugs and push it. This past Wednesday, we started a new sprint where I was given the task of developing a RESTful API following the JSON-API standard ( for reference) for a new feature that we plan on releasing at the end of the code sprint (which means a lot of pressure). In order to implement this feature with the current codebase, which uses Java and old-school ORM tech like DAOs and EJBs, the team and I decided to use the Katharsis framework ( for reference). This framework basically takes our requests (JSON-formatted payloads), magically turns them into data models (Java objects and entities) supported on our system, then magically converts them to json-api-specific consumable responses (back to JSON).

Other than that, I have been working on a groovy script on the jenkins pipeline build which checks daily whether or not a build has succeeded, and if it has, post the virtual machine’s IP where the project was built and verified onto an external hub where developers and QAs can get the IP quickly and access the application right away on their machine.

If anyone has any experience in Hibernate (java ORM framework) or Katharsis, I’d love to discuss them to learn more about them.


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