Internship Post #11

Revisit on Teamwork Back in Week 5, I felt like I had a different interpretation on teamwork in industry. I felt that the team I am on in San Diego interacts a lot with the team in Santa Clara, but that was when I was working on tasks which I could accomplish by myself - … Continue reading Internship Post #11


Internship Post #10

Revisit on Professional and Ethical Behavior (Week 3) I wanted to revisit my initial thoughts on my post about professional and ethical behavior and even expand on it. Back then,┬ámy biggest concerns was getting the hang of the office culture at my company and fit in. I thought that if I were to fit in, … Continue reading Internship Post #10

Status Update: August 18, 2016

Looking back at the past and reading on the things that I did a couple years ago feels so nostalgically awesome. Reading on the posts about choices that I had to make four years ago, and how those choices reflect on who I am today make me wonder what I have in store for the … Continue reading Status Update: August 18, 2016


Internship Post #9

Societal Impact In doing my work, I hope that it helps make the lives of other people much easier, especially when handling software. More and more people are turning to software to solve their daily problems, and to make that process as seamless and quick as possible would be great to see. Heck, if I … Continue reading Internship Post #9


Internship Post #8

Tracking Your Growth Over the past two months, I've definitely grown a lot more and I'm sure that is the same with just about everyone else. I was given problems that I couldn't solve with the skill sets I had, and was able to learn and conquer them, all while being able to share with … Continue reading Internship Post #8


Internship Post #7

How Did I Get This Internship Through perseverance and not letting that feeling of not having an internship get to me. This is actually my second internship with the same company. The first time I interned, I didn't have an internship for the whole summer but continued to apply, even as late into August. That's … Continue reading Internship Post #7