Internship Post #3

Real World Problems

Real world problems are different in some ways then problems given in class. I feel like real world problems are the superset of problems given in that class, and we do those problems to help us solve these real world problems. For example, at my work, I need to pull a variety of knowledge from different classes to accomplish a task. I need to know SQL from CSE132A, and Java from a multitude of classes such as CSE135 and even CSE100. Some of the strengths I have are probably backend programming and some of weaknesses I have are debugging. It’s still hard pinpointing exactly where errors are happening, and to be pro at that would be an amazing skill.

Some things I had to do this week

– Work on building a test on a previous API that I had to build that returns URLs for employee reports

– Engaged in multiple meetings throughout the week.

– Met with my manager to discuss the workflow of the application and the direction of the application and where I’ll take part in it this summer

– Started a new sprint.


Having had to debug a test that I created previously to use more aspects of the application. It was difficult to do this because I was still unfamiliar with all the modules that created a certain functionality of the program. But through debugging and asking for help from my mentors, I was able to get through the problem and solve it. Of course, some tasks were left out because it proved to be too complex for the task at hand, so other methods are being devised to solve the problem.

In terms of culture and ethical and professional contributions, I feel like it is necessary to build a sense of rapport with your team mates and fellow employees. This would create a more enjoyable work culture and actually make it enjoyable to go to work everyday. Currently, my coworkers and I are thinking of starting a ping pong tournament at work!


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