Internship Post #6

Communication I cannot express the value of communication in the workplace, especially when working on a continuous-integration, continuous-delivery platform. With that said, there are many modes of communication with my mentors, supervisors and colleagues. We have a scrum meeting everyday to talk about issues, roadblocks and successes as well as opened many modes of communication … Continue reading Internship Post #6


Internship Post #5

Teamwork My project team consists of eight people. Six of them are developers/developer leads and the other two are QA. We interact with each other daily during our scrum meetings and often throughout the day either in person or through email or slack. The scrum meetings are effective because we are able to talk through … Continue reading Internship Post #5

Internship Post #4

Professional and Ethical Behavior The expected behavior at UCSD and in the workplace does not really differ that much. There are deadlines that must be met that really put the pressure on, but it is also okay to relax at times and take a walk around the office, or get a snack, or even go … Continue reading Internship Post #4


Internship Post #3

Real World Problems Real world problems are different in some ways then problems given in class. I feel like real world problems are the superset of problems given in that class, and we do those problems to help us solve these real world problems. For example, at my work, I need to pull a variety … Continue reading Internship Post #3