Social Implications of the Computing World

Computing is everywhere. It’s present in the markets, airports, cars, and even in simple daily tasks like checking the news . Today’s society is run on computers to simply allow society to you know… run better. It provides people a means to communicate or access and share information. But of course, all this computing does have its dangers such as decreasing privacy, increasing cybercrime, and even changes the way we communicate orally in a bad way.

Privacy is definitely a must-have in today’s society. Who doesn’t want their peace and quiet away from the world? Although privacy is different between the real world and cyber world, I certainly must have it. But today’s technology is limiting that privacy! Whatever we do on the internet is recorded and/or seen somewhere else by someone or something. Whatever is typed in Google is recorded in a database for later access. Don’t even get me started on Facebook. You’re literally displaying private information about yourself to people you might not even know! Of course there are ways to block strangers from seeing what you’re doing, but there are ways around it so watch out!

Cybercrime is also another issue in the cyber world. Internet hackers, keyloggers, cyber bullies, and even internet stalkers are present in just about any dark corner of the World Wide Web. I personally have not been involved in any cybercrime or seen anything potentially dangerous, but stuff like this have happened on the internet and it is important to really know what you’re downloading or browsing on the internet!

Now all the above things are simple straightforward things that a beginning internet dweller should already be familiar with. The real issue is what computing actually does to us as humans. Computing can drastically change the interactions between humans in bad ways when used too much! For example, the new smartphone burst has definitely changed the way social groups interact with each other. At the dinner table or just a friendly gathering, someone is either playing on their phones, or more notoriously, taking pictures of food and posting it on Instagram instead of interacting with their friends! For me this is a problem. I know how important computing is in my life, but I definitely value a traditional social gathering of people talking to each other. They can even talk to each other about computing! just be articulate and engage in the conversation.


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