Just Some Interesting Clubs at UCSD

After talking to a few people today, I’ve found it hard to believe that the “Socially Dead” reputation this school has is actually true in some parts. BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY! It’s as simple as joining a club or organization on campus, or joining some type of intramural sport. This is some obvious advice, but it works!

Some clubs I’ve joined really contradict the whole “Socially Dead” notion of this school. I enjoy the people in the clubs, which only shows that there are a lot more people all over the school that can be related with!

NSU – Nikkei Student Union

This club is an Americanized Japanese-Culture club OPEN AND WELCOME TO ANYONE! I’m not even Japanese and I’m in this club. This club comes with all the fun, gatherings, friends, and parties you could ever want! Or at least what I want.

CSES – Computer Science and Engineering Society

This club is actually focused towards my major, but it still provides the opportunities for me to meet people in my major! Also, I can get more experience in the Computer Science realm from this club. If your major isn’t the same, I still recommend joining a major-oriented club!

Now I’m only in two clubs here at UCSD, but it’s definitely enough to balance friends, school, and sleep. Going out and experiencing the school is all up to you. You make the experience how you want it. If you feel like the school is “Socially Dead”, go out and do something!


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