Interesting Internships at UCSD

In order to find a career or job after graduating from a university, most employers require experience in the field of study – here it is computer science, meaning that a potential employee would need experience in many types of programming languages, or even experience in a lab. Luckily, UC San Diego provides many opportunities for research and internships because of its renowned CS department. Here I have researched three interesting early-career research/job opportunities that could help me and you further our computer science educations.

Software Evolution Lab Projects for Undergraduates and Graduates

Renowned professor Bill Griswold is looking for energetic and enthusiastic students who are willing to design and build systems. Some of the projects a student will be undertaking include: building or enhancing software development tools, using software tools, building on or enhancing ActiveCampus, or automating the CSE department. Students should expect to see object-oriented design and technology, program visualization, compiler technology, or software engineering. A possible minimum requirement for an undergraduate would be to be enrolled in CSE 199. Students should also be proficient in Java, C/C++, Tcl/Tk, or Common Lisp programming languages or proficient with lex/flex, yacc/bison compiler tools.

These types are highly beneficial to anyone’s career as it builds more on an individual’s expertise in a field. After engaging in projects like these, my resume would definitely stand out to many potential employers.

Part-Time Internship at Entropic Communications, Inc. – RF IC DVT Intern

This is more of an outside-UCSD project as it is an actual internship for a company. The intern will assist a team of RF DVT Engineers in the development and implementation of RFIC test plans. Specific responsibilities include automation software development, test execution, and test results reporting and analysis. Some desirable course work and experience would include: circuit design and/or signal processing courses, programming experience in scripting languages such as Perl, Python, C or related for test automation, database query experience and familiarity with Microsoft Excel, exposure to common RF lab test equipment including signal generators, spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, power meters and related. Students should also expect a duration of 6-12 months in the program in San Diego, CA.

This internship would definitely help with job opportunities for me, especially for the company I’m interning for. Just thinking about getting an actual job is making me excited.

Microelectronic Embedded Systems Laboratory

Headed by professor Rajesh Gupta, the MESL has interests in many fields relating to embedded systems! (Look more in the mesl website for further details) The program is actually explicitly offered only to admitted PhD and MS students in UCSD, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from trying to apply! Simply talk to the professor, or any PhD/MS students in the program for more information, and I’m sure getting in the program won’t be a problem.

Although it would probably take a while for me to actually join the program, a little basic work as an undergraduate could really give me the experience of research work in computer science, which would look really good on future applications/resumes. Definitely something to be thinking about.

Wrap Up

Even though I’m only a third week freshman here at UCSD, looking at potential internships or research opportunities is very important to prepare for the future. By going to research expos, or internship fairs and observing what goes on, I could easily build on my own application and feel more confident about applying for any of these positions. Of course, no one will ever feel fully prepared. Any one of us should be going in the program thinking that we are going to learn and contribute what we already know. Well, I hope this helped for any of you future interns or researchers. Good Luck!


2 thoughts on “Interesting Internships at UCSD

  1. Wow those terminologies arw hard to decipher. I need an encoder or hacker to make me understand. Nonetheless, i have read most of your blog and will be following you. Hahahaha. Thank you! So proud to know someone as enthusiastic and career driven person lime
    Good luck!

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